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Collection: Sewful Therapy 12oz Waxed Canvas

Sewful Therapy's 12oz weight waxed canvas has been tested for quality and durability by bag makers for bag makers. It is waxed with anti-bacterial mold proof crystal wax imported from South Korea. 

Waxed Canvas are sold by the yard and shipped folded. 

12oz weight is rated heavy weight for durability and sturdiness.

  • Ideal for rugged outdoor use.
  • Repels water & moisture, water resistant.
  • Domestic friendly
Can use hairdryer or heat lamp to redistribute and reset creases created by the wax from folds or daily uses. Fold creases and lines can be easily flattened by ironing on low heat over Teflon sheet/press cloth /parchment paper covered waxed canvas or with a towel. Can also use seam rollers to flatten out creases.
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